Trex® Fence Installation Los Angeles

Harwell Fencing & Gates Inc is proud to be partners with Trex® Fencing. Trex® Fencing Materials are durable and makes for a long lasting privacy fence. The interlocking pickets create a fully private board-on-board look that is low maintenance, won’t rot, resists insects and is backed by an unbeatable 25 year manufacturer warranty. Harwell Fencing and Gates Inc and Trex® Fencing have partnered together to combine the best fencing material with the best fence installation to provide you with an outstanding product to last you for years to come! Harwell Fence and Gates Inc has been servicing the homes of Los Angeles and Santa Monica for the past 15 years giving them consistently superior service. Give us a call today to schedule an onsite consultation and a free estimate.

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Trex® Color Options

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Saddle fencing starts out dark tan and fades to a lighter tan mimics the color and tone of natural stained wood. When paired with vibrant colors, Saddle provides a natural added warmth commonly seen on craftsman homes with exposed raw timber construction.

Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey fencing will be a noticeably different color when new (typically a brownish/green color) and will weather to its intended color of light grey. Because it has a brownish color when new, it can be mistaken as Woodland Brown at first glance. 

Woodland Brown

Woodland Brown looks like darkly stained wood and fades the least from its original color. It provides high contrast against lighter colors creating a defined border.