Lock Installation - Custom Wood Gates - Steel Gates

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Our commitment - to provide clarity for all.

Our intention - This entire gate installation process will go as smoothly as possible for all of us.

The Goal - to have this decision accomplished - within 7 days of us receiving the deposit.

WHAT IS A LOCK BOX? - the steel housing around the locks, that we weld into our frames.

LOCK BOX EXAMPLES - See More Info Below

 For the fastest and easiest for everyone,



OPTION 1: Standard Deadbolt, Doorknob or Both

NOTE: (if you choose this option, you do not have to order the lockbox. We provide the lockbox on this option only)

If you would like the locks to be inset (seen here), then you must choose a lock with the circular housing.


modern+wooden+gate+-+culver+city copy.JPG


OPTION 2 - Mechanical Locks / PUSH BUTTON LOCKS

A great option for any exterior lock. This style will Last Longer than the electronic keypad locks. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 1.04.47 AM.png
push button gate lock - los angeles.jpg


Purchase - this push button - lever lock (2 photos below) 

Click HERE to Purchase (This links has the lockbox and lock) - On Amazon

NOTE: We DO NOT install the actual locks

OPTION 3: Decorative Locks

This style of lock requires a different style of wood installation. - Please see the images below these locks.

OPTION 3: Installation requirements

In these photos, we cut a square around the locks, then trim around it. It still looks great!

This is the only way to use these decorative lock options.

NOTE: We DO NOT install the actual locks

OPTION 4 - HOOK LOCKS - For Sliding Gates ONLY! -

THIS LOCK WE DO INSTALL - Mostly on Driveway Gates - We weld this into the frame.

Sliding gate lock
Hook lock installation