Reclaimed Wood

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With such a rustic texture, each piece of reclaimed wood tells a different story. We think that’s why custom reclaimed wood furniture installations have made such an impact in the Los Angeles design world. Not only is this wood super eco-friendly, (because there are only so many redwood trees left) but this method of building recycled fences and custom furniture is something we are taking to the Los Angeles Construction Industry.

Here at Harwell Fencing & Gates, we have integrated reclaimed wood into our modern, rustic projects such as our high end fences and gates and also with our exterior design.

  • You will see more creativity in our finished product.

  • If you want something beautiful and not just functional, this is precisely what we do.

  • We recommend stopping by our showroom in Mid-City Los Angeles.

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Custom Installations

Interior Walls using Reclaimed Wood

We have gotten into some new ideas for your office and or your home.

Featured Walls/Statement Walls, Custom TV Backdrops, TV Installations, Storage Sheds, Fences, Gates, Driveway Gates and so much more are ready for your selection.  Statement walls are a perfect way to change the energy inside of your office or home.

Custom Outdoor Furniture · Interior Furniture · Wall Toppers · Trellises


Wall Toppers and Privacy Fences

Modern, Rustic Driveway Gates and Fences

Re-using and re-purposing this durable, recycled wood to tell a whole new story provides so much creativity, artistry and adding a true purpose behind our work. We are so excited to share these truly unique styles that showcase the exposed steel frame on our fences and gates.

Custom Furniture, Privacy Screens and Sculpture

Trends of reclaimed wood is on the rise, but we are not here to just slap on this aged wood where ever we can for the sake of being “trendy”.

Take a look at our furniture, home & garden and the fence & gate projects to see for yourself.

We can’t wait to help! Artistic, fun and creative ideas are what we do. Stop by our fence and gate Showroom in Mid-City to see the craftsmanship in person

We combine all of our fences and gates with multiple options of materials. You never know what combinations are available until you start experimenting. We specialize in creative innovations using these beautiful recycled / reclaimed woods. These entry gates are just one of our examples.

Outdoor Furniture, Benches, Headboards, Shelf Units, Coat Racks

These boards in the middle photo are actually new lumber that wears a manufactured finish created here at our shop to have the rustic appearance. We specialize in creating unique finishes here at Harwell Design.

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