Picket Fences, Custom Wood Fences

Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Los Angeles


A picket fence is usually considered and very basic fence design. This is true if you get the pre-fabricated panels and you just hire any basic fence installer. If you choose that method, then the price is quite affordable. Our custom wood picket fences are not built that way. Every fence board is custom cut to your specs along with your choice of gap between the fence boards. There is also various heights that can be used to give you a different look. Changing the height above the frame can make all the difference with your picket fence.

In Los Angeles there are not a ton of houses using this design anymore, however it is extremely popular in the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Westwood areas. Sometimes you will see this traditional style in the Santa Monica, Venice areas, but the beautiful Pacific Palisades neighborhood is the most frequent area that we have been building this style. See more beautiful, high fence designs here.

When you compare the standard method of this picket fence installation to ours, that method is the type that falls apart and gives this design a "cheap" reputation. One of the reasons is that the fence boards are always unfinished and then stain or paint is applied after installation. This building method will last less than half as long compared to the techniques that we use. All of our custom fences are pre-stained at our workshop/showroom - we actually do not do the final finish of white if you choose to use that color. However, we still pre-stain all of the materials (fence boards, fence posts and framework) with 2 coats of heavy duty primer. This prepares the fence for any professional painter to apply the final 2 coats of paint. The color white requires this 4 coat process, because we use redwood and the redwood tends to bleed through the white if you only do our normal 2 coat process with any other color. The good news is that when you apply these 4 coats, this color does last for a very long time. 

Custom Picket Fence Pacific Palisades 90272.JPG
White Picket Fence - Custom Wood Pacific Palisades.JPG