Driveway Gate Installation
Los Angeles

Driveway Gates increase the security and value of your home along with giving you the privacy you want. Using steel frames gives your gate the secure structure it needs to last a long time. Automatic Driveway Gate Installation is a service we provide that give you the easy of opening your gate with out getting out of your car!

We specialize in electric-motorized driveway gates. With over 30 years of experience Harwell Fencing & Gates installs some of the best in the city.

Horizontal Driveway Gates are a Modern design and is extremely popular here in Los Angeles, Venice and Santa Monica. The modern aesthetic is what most of our electric-motorized installations consist of.  

All of our automatic driveway gate frames are constructed out of steel, so it's built to last. In beach communities, wood-framed gates tend to warp and twist, while steel framed driveway gates remain far more durable over time.

We also build craftsman style, arched top and custom stain finishes, to add a unique element to the wood. Most of our Los Angeles Driveway Gate installations allow for a built in pedestrian entry as well. 

Take a look at our gallery to get some ideas of how you'd like to update your Los Angeles yard or home.

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We offer driveway gate and wood gate designs for mid range prices as well. See the vertical options in the gallery below. This wood type is known as common redwood. It has a rougher final finish compared the the clear redwood that we mostly use. 

Also our wood frame gates


We love building these unique wooden driveway gates all over LA and Santa Monica areas. The Hollywood Hills love our gates and the unique styles compliment any yard or home. Some people Do Not want to have the same idea or curb appeal that their neighbor's do. We are a resource for providing you with a gate that will set you apart from the rest of LA. Our creativity and experience will assist you in the decision of what to do next in your beautiful LA yard.

This project below, showcases the semi-transparent stain.

(Stunning finish! - Requires a Price increase of 12%-15%)

In order to achieve a professional finish with this type of stain, it requires double the labor.