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Family Owned and operated since 2005

Led by this father and son team with over 70 years of combined experience!

Arian and Jake Harwell

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Our Mission

Harwell Fencing & Gates transforms environments through innovative outdoor installations to provide our customers with peace of mind and beauty for their home. We deliver an astonishing customer experience through clear communication, engaged collaboration, and use of the highest quality materials and practices.

Our teams are Fun, Creative and Professional!

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Since 1986, this father and son team has been working together as an artistic, family duo who is constantly raising the bar on what it means to be creative. 

Starting out with furniture. Custom, Rustic Furniture that many people were searching for because everything else has been done before. 

Jake and Arian built all of this rustic furniture in a small workshop, located right on the side of Highway 68 in Rinconada, NM.

Proud to be working as a Father and Son Team for over 30 years.  Together they have over 70 years of combined experience as custom woodworkers and high end craftsmen.  

Father and son fence team
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(20 miles south of Taos, New Mexico)  The workshop was known as the Dirt Floor Gallery - Located in Rinconada, NM - Just outside of Dixon, NM - An Artistic, agricultural town...known for it’s beautiful apple orchards, pottery, jewelers, builders and a couple of amazing wineries.

After doing a lot of the same rustic furniture pieces, around 1990, this little New Mexican furniture-building business incorporated fence building into their product line. Also adding gates, arbors and trellises. This changed the course of the entire company and was very successful for many years, prior to moving to LA. These willow and Aspen fences and gates are also built with accents of reclaimed wood as well.

Celebrities + Corporate Clients

"It is always a pleasure to work with Harwell Fencing & Gates. I say "with" because they really make it easy for me to be part of the process. They care about what they design and build. I've contracted them a few times for different properties. They work quickly and completely. Their designs are so cool! Reliable and great." - Fred Armisen - June, 2016 

 —Fred Armisen - From Saturday Night Live - the Netflix show Portlandia, + numerous movies!

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"Dylan McDermott was very nice and it was an honor to work with him." 

- The Harwell employees

"We worked with Will Smith several years ago in Calabasas, CA. Will was very humble every time that I met him and he respected my artistic ideas. I designed the rustic, speaker boxes + the custom bar in his ball room. We used the materials that I brought from New Mexico. There was a massive pile of willow (from the Rio Grande) that we brought in to complete this job. The Smith family provided us with so much respect and it was such an honor to work with them. Thank you." - JAKE HARWELL 



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Modern / Rustic - Willow Speaker Enclosure

Happy to had the opportunity to work for superstar recording artist

Tyler the Creator

celebrity fences

We were also super fortunate to have worked for 2 stars from the

Hit TV Series - Silicon Valley

Josh Brener and Suzanne Cryer


We did a beautiful project for Academy award winning director of the hit movies Traffic, Syriana and many more.

Stephen Gaghan

fences and gates for celebrities

aArian Harwell

aArian Harwell


In November 2013, this team acquired a fantastic location.

The Harwell Studio is a 7500 square foot space, just outside of Culver City.

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Here, clients can view different stain colors and design patterns and also create their vision. At this location, our clients are consistently taken care of when it comes to the final stain/color choices and design ideas that everyone goes though when hiring a fence contractor.  This is usually a missed step when consumers hire a fence builder in Los Angeles. We are fortunate to have this pace to offer the client a first hand look at what they will receive when they hire us.

The craftsmanship and details are on display and you will see exactly what you receive, when you hire this unique and artistic design company. You get a designer and a fence contractor in 1 great company, when you hire Harwell Fencing & Gates. Our job, is to help you create what is possible in your environment and not have it just be functional, but provide amazing additions to your yard and your entire property. 


As you will see from the photos on this website, the finish work is what sets Harwell apart from other fence companies. The finishing details are what you see every day, and there is nobody who does it better than the highly skilled team at Harwell Fencing & Gates.

The process of building is done in such a way that all of the products not only look beautiful upon completion, but the final product will continue looking good and the structure will outlast most of the competition's work.

"We noticed a lot of people cutting corners on fencing and gates, so we decided to do something about it, and it just grew from there. We are looking forward to helping you transform your yard and home!"" —Arian Harwell - and the entire team



Along with being a wood craftsman for over 45 years, Jake Harwell has also been an artist for many years. He has a unique style of art using many types of material. He was fortunate to have featured shows in Paris and the Outsider Art Show in Soho New Your. As far as unique materials he used for art, the Taos Drum Factory was not far from the workshop. Jake started recycling all of their flawed pieces of rawhide and developed some seriously original masks and sculpture.  Living in the mountains, Jake would also travel up the abandoned dirt roads to pick up rusty objects such as old mattress springs, car seats, televisions and hub caps. Jake has made 100s of found art masks, sculptures and paintings over the years.

A True Renaissance Man.